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Mission Statement

The Buck Hill Art Association inspires and enriches the meaning of its wild landscape and built environment. We engage our immediate community and beyond, acknowledging core values of family, serenity, and the tenants of simplicity held by our Quaker founders, to foster an understanding and respect for the Buck Hill Falls’ forests, waterways and built environment through the work of artists and their art.


The Buck Hill Art Association, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, was founded in 1933 to arrange special exhibition paintings in the public rooms of the Buck Hill Inn. BHAA in its first twenty years formed a collection of some distinction. It was selected from commercial art galleries primarily in New York and presented such artists as Charles Burchfield (1893-1967) and John Koch (1909-1978), as well as artists of the New Hope School associated with the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts including modest works by Edward Redfield (1869-1965), Daniel Garber (1880-1958) and Walter Baum (1884-1956). BHAA also commissioned a series of ten original prints by leading graphic artists of the day using views of the Inn and sporting facilities. The acquisitions made by the BHAA for its collection reflected the popular American preferences for figurative subjects and landscapes.

With annual revenues from its membership and fundraising, BHAA has a long tradition to provide scholarships in the form of a monetary stipend to regional residents seeking advanced study in the visual and performing arts.
As of the summer of 2014 a selection of the collection has been handsomely installed in the new Fairway Grille at the Buck Hill Golf Club. Other paintings hang in the Kerby Library which was given to Buck Hill for that purpose.