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June 19, 2022 – October 10, 2022


ArtScapes is the latest iteration of ArtPaths which began in the spring of 2019. Sponsored by the Buck Hill Art Association, ArtScapes is a multi-month event with a mission to bring art into the community. Buck Hill provides a spectacular setting for a variety of artistic expressions. In its first two summers the exhibit was staged along the Glade Path and was organized by cottager and local artist Robert Woodward. Last year we welcomed former artist-in-residence and cottager Aaron Krach as curator. For summer 2022, ArtScapes is offering a new twist by bringing art out of the forest and into the open landscape with curator and BHAA President, Colin Gardner.

Thank you to The Buck Hill Conservation Foundation and The Buck Hill Falls Company for the generous use of their land


ArtScapes 2022 Artists


Nancy Bowen, 2021

Remembrance is a funerary totem that was inspired by the “death head” imagery from Colonial American gravestones. It was made during Covid to commemorate the many people who died from the disease. From afar, the form appears like a winged totem. Close up the viewer will note details of skulls, flowers and wings inscribed into the clay.

Nancy Bowen is a Brooklyn Based mixed media artist known for her eclectic mixtures of imagery and materials in both two and three dimensions. Her sculpture and drawing exists in an in -between zone of form and idea, of abstraction and representation. Her work offers a poetic commentary on our quickly changing material culture. Like an artistic archeologist in this age of globalization and post-industrialization, she salvages (often disappearing) ornament and craft traditions and incorporates them into sculpture and drawings.


84” x 96” x 36” Corten Steel & Locust Wood @jamieburnssculpture


Jamie Burnes, 2021

Jamie Burnes is a Sante Fe & Boston based artist. His sculptures are playful and life-like, encouraging a closer look which will reveal a unique layering of textures, materials and forms. Jamie is intrigued with mixing materials, some natural and some man-made. His work is about taking a deeper look at the natural world and recognize our deep connection and relationship to it.



Performing Landscape

Valerio Morabito, 2022

Valerio Morabito, for almost 20 years, was an Adjunct Professor of Landscape
Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, and a Professor at the Mediterranean
University in Italy.
Morabito recently won a fellowship at the prestigious American Academy in Rome for the winter Spring 2022 semester,  where he designed large scale drawings, representing American Cities. Among them, a drawing depicting a forest in Buck Hill Falls.
His academic and practical interests are focused on City Planning, Landscape Architecture, and
Ecologically Sustainable Architecture.

Artist Statement on Performing Landscape:

“The landscape of Buck hill Falls is beautiful. That idea of beauty belongs to the innate beauty concept that leads us to pleasure and enjoyment. Therefore, to add beauty to this landscape is to add beauty to the idea of landscape that accompanies us daily. For this reason, we thought that added beauty should be a landscape performance, a staging in front of the theater space. People sitting on the steps will witness a landscape performance between artificial and natural forms, geometric and free forms.This spectacle of forms will be augmented by the people who will be part of the performance, sitting on it, crossing it, and watching it, becoming part of this added landscape.”  @valerio_morabito

Performing landscape was built by Ian Sopko of Sopko Landscape.

Canada Goose

Leo Sewell, 2022



Leo Sewell is a Philadelphia based artist who grew up near a dump. He has played with junk now for 50 years and has developed his own assemblage techniques. His sculptures are composed of recognizable objects of plastic, metal and wood.
These objects are chosen for their color, shape, texture, durability and patina; then they are assembled using nails, bolts, and screws. The outdoor sculptures are constructed of stainless steel, brass, or aluminum found objects which are welded together.


8’x16’ Hand Painted Billboard @aaron_krach

Everything Takes Time

Aaron Krach & Fred Wunder, 2022

“This is a phrase I have returned to for many years. For me, it carries a double-meaning and offers viewers multiple entry points. Because everything takes time: Hurry up, don’t dawdle, get going! On the other hand: Relax, breathe, one-step-at-a-time because everything does take time, often a long time. Located on PA 191 (across from Winners Circle Motorsports)” -Aaron Krach

Aaron Krach is an artist, writer, and teacher in NYC. He works with books, people, text, rocks, spray paint, vodka, plants, and just about anything, to make installations and experiences, sculpture and books. He exhibits in galleries, book fairs, and public spaces in big cities (Sao Paulo, NYC) and smaller towns (Lake Ohrid, Macedonia; Lincolnshire, England). He’s made paintings with a frog, collaborated with soldiers in Afghanistan, and flea market shoppers in Georgia, the country not the state.He currently teaches art and design at Parsons, The New School for Design, Purchase College, and Queens College CUNY.


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