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Art Week: Textile Artistry

Art Week: Textile Artistry

Wednesday, July 19

12:00-3:00 pm

Tennis Tea

This textile art class will enable participants to create a 10 x 12 or 16 x 20 inch work of art using their own landscape or flower photograph as a starting point. Students will begin by drawing or tracing their photograph onto a piece of white fabric. They will then learn how to: create their own stencils for use in cutting out fabric shapes; piece the shapes onto the white fabric, using fabric adhesives or thread; use various embroidery techniques to appliqué and finish the work.  Issues discussed will include form, color, composition, line, and technique. Students will receive a supply packet which they may take home with them. 

Carolyn Harper is a Philadelphia based textile artist who exhibits locally and nationally. In 2023 she will be having solo exhibitions  in Kettering, OH; Philadelphia; Indianapolis; and Greeley, Colorado.

Limit: 15 Students
BHAA Members Only Please