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Bill Mauldin: If It’s Big, Hit It

Friday, August 4


Tennis Tea

Film Directors Sheena Joyce & Don Argott Will join us to discuss the film.

“Bill Mauldin might not be a household name today, but, as this vital new documentary shows, few figures have had such a dramatic impact on American humor and political commentary. Following a childhood marked by hardship, Mauldin developed both his artistic skills and anti-authoritarian streak early on. Fighting overseas during WWII inspired Mauldin’s two most enduring characters: hapless GI buddies Willie and Joe, which brought him widespread fame and his first Pulitzer (as well as the ire of General George Patton). Over the years, Mauldin continued to create vivid, startling images in response to injustice and hypocrisy in American society. In this candid portrait, Don Argott and Sheena M. Joyce (THE ATOMIC STATES OF AMERICA, PFF21) gather commentary from some of those who knew Mauldin best, providing a look at the complicated, sometimes volatile man behind the brilliant work. They also allow the work to shine, reintroducing contemporary viewers to images that haven’t lost any of their impact or resonance, even several decades after their creation.”


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